Debt collection

Too often the out-of-court means for debt collection do not lead to the desired result and are not sufficiently motivating for the debtors to perform their obligations. In this case, the only secure and legal way for protection of the creditor’s interests is the judicial debt collection. Of course, before initiating court actions against the debtor, a thorough research of his property and assets is recommended, as the results of this research often determine the following actions which should be undertaken for the judicial collection of the debt.

Protection of the creditors’ rights, considering the specifics of the case, could be sought both in a claim procedure and a procedure for issuance of a payment order. Generally, the finalization steps of the debt collection in court are the enforcement procedure and the realization of the debtor’s assets.

In this regard, we provide legal services for the research of property, organization and initiation of the enforcement procedure, as our actions are directed toward proving the claim and obtaining a writ of execution. Additionally, we offer legal representation for the enforcement procedure, from the constitution of an enforcement case to the realization of the debtor’s assets, respectively the final settlement of the creditor’s monetary claim.


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