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The members of our team have participated in the development of some of the most important economy sectors, such as E-commerce and Energy, which motivates us to create a specialized area of activity which assists our clients in their efforts to advance their commercial activity through legislative improvements.

Our services include monitoring of the legislation, which ensures that our clients will be informed at the earliest possible phase about forthcoming regulatory amendments, which are applicable to their commercial activities. Additionally, we provide an analysis of the consequences which are likely to follow the forthcoming legislative amendments and we identify potential suggestions that could be made during the preparation of the bill.

Our team members have extensive experience in the legislative procedures which allows them to prepare and make legislative suggestions which are in light of the smooth application of the respective regulations in the sectors where our clients perform their activities.

Since we perceive our legal practice as intertwined with many of the regulated industries, we offer specialized monitoring services in the field of Energy, Environment, Telecommunications, Capital markets, Credit institutions, Consumer protection, Real estate and Public procurement.

The specialized service that we offer to some of our industrial and institutional clients, is monitoring of the law of the European Union, which has been developing in the process of the legislative procedures initiated by the departments of the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.


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