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VLADIMIROV KISKINOV is leading law firm, which continues the tradition of Desislav Vladimirov and Partners in providing highest quality of legal services to both companies and individuals.


Our practice is entirely inspired by the new business reality where we believe that the highly efficient, competitive and practical approach in the legal support is adding value to our clients. By implementing this view in our law firm we established a compact and experienced team of lawyers who are fully capable of handling not only the ongoing daily needs of our clients but also complex projects which require project management and strategic thinking in fulfilling the clients’ specific needs.


Since we are a young team of lawyers we do understand the challenges in establishing and developing new business, such as start-up companies and structuring of investments in the sectors where innovations that change our life are created. As we consider ourselves as part of this community our partners are well known as one of the best legal experts in sectors such as IT and E-Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources, Commercial law and etc.

All this resulted in recognizing VLADIMIROV KISKINOV as a law firm totally grounded on innovations and creativity in providing a highest level of excellence in legal services.

Seek our assistance for complex projects
which require resourceful thinking


+ 359 2 9881828 lawyers@vladimirov-kiskinov.euSofia, Bulgaria, No 6 Nayden Gerov Str., Fl.4, Office 7

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