Vladimirov Kiskinov drafted the first GDPR sector code under the assignment of IAB Bulgaria

26 July 2018

On IAB Forum 2018 the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Commission Ventsislav Karadjov and Nickolay Kisknov, Secretary Legal Affairs of IAB Bulgaria, presented the drafted by IAB Bulgaria Sector Code for implementation of the new Regulation 2016/679 to the digital sector. The Sector Code has been considered as innovation in the implementation of GDPR in Bulgaria and a good practice in the personal data protection in the digital industry. After the entry into force of GDPR on 25-th of May 2018, IAB Bulgaria shall submit it again with the Personal Data Protection Commission for final adoption pursuant to the Regulation in order to serve as demonstration for compliance with GDPR for the companies from the digital sector which have announced their commitment to the code as a standard.


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